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My sweet girl. Isn’t she beautiful? Often times she will give me the biggest hug possible, grab my cheeks and tell me, “mommy, you are so beautiful”. Sweetheart, so are you. She is so kind. Although sometimes, a little bit of the devil can hide out in her. 🙂 She rules the roost here and […]

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excuse me.

You take 17+ months to start walking and then, all of a sudden, you think you are grown up. You play with legos(the little ones), wedgits, you talk my ear off. You peed on the potty. Slow down. Okay, not so much. Keep on growing. You are so fun. So lively. So mischievous. So laid […]

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Time is ticking by. Some days it stands still. Other times it feels like I just got out of bed when the day is over. My kids are growing. My baby isn’t a baby anymore. My toddler is now a preschooler. My oldest is going into kindergarten. My heart aches. It’s filled with joy atop […]

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