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Today, for the first time, I put Ming with his brother in the childcare at the gym. In my defense, it’s a very small gym and there are only 4 kids in there now with 2 amazing workers. But, still, my heart felt guilty. Why? Why would my heart feel guilty for having a few […]

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first day of school, Gavin addition.

My sweet Gavin, he has been my sidekick for almost 4 years. And, when I say sidekick, I mean sidekick. He has been by my side or in my lap all day, everyday. He and I would have snuggle fests on the couch to watch his favorite movie, Ponyo, over and over again or special […]

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first day of school, pk2 edition

I have two babies in school this year. While I enjoy the break, I miss them dearly during the day. The house is a little quieter, a little calmer and just…different when they are at school. My sweet girl is in kinder. She is just so joyous and such a sweet soul. I fear sending […]

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