My sweet girl.

My only daughter. My mirror image. My girl. She is getting old. She is confident. She is kind. She is sure of her place in this world. She is courageous and adventurous. DSC_8892DSC_8910

I look at these pictures and I see my girl morphing into someone else. Gone are the days of toddler chub and cloth diapers. Gone are the days of carrying her more than she walks. Gone are the days when rocking would heal anything. DSC_8849bw

She is growing. It’s a beautiful growth to watch.

And I think of myself. And I want to protect her from making the same mistakes I made. To hold back her wings. To keep her in my arms a little longer, where she is safe. But, I can’t. I have to teach her to fly on her own. And, while we are years from her leaving our nest, everyday is a day to nurture her soul. To let her know that she is capable of so much. To open up to my personal mistakes so she can grow and learn from them without making the same ones. But, most importantly, that she deeply understands that we will always be by her side. DSC_8860bw

So while now, our days are spent playing hide and seek and Uno and practicing reading. Soon, our days will be filled with sleepovers and dates and driving and things that seem so far off but really they aren’t.

So, while I embrace today, in the back of my mind I am always thinking of tomorrow. What can I do today to help her grow for tomorrow? DSC_8957DSC_8860DSC_8849

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