My sweet sister is almost due with her second baby.

While I am not jealous at all of being pregnant, I am jealous of the sweet, squishy newborn that will soon be occupying their house.

I am jealous of that baby smell but not so much the constant baby puke that runs down your shirt.

I’m jealous of the cute cloth diapers but not so much washing them.

I’m jealous of nursing a baby but not so much on the thrush or yeast or sore boobs that come with it.

I’m jealous of the simplicity that comes with a newborn but not the sleepless nights.

I’m jealous of all those firsts that she gets to witness; the first time the baby is placed on your chest, the first kissing their precious head, the first smile, the first coo, the first burp, the first giggle, the first time to roll over, the first time to sit up and the list goes on.

I missed all that with my fourth child and I’d give anything to relish in those moments even if it meant baby puke down my shirt, washing cloth diapers, sore boobs and sleepless nights.

I pray that you are able to enjoy every single moment even when you are in the thick of it. Because life is precious and those moments will never come around again.

Above all, I can’t wait to be an Auntie x2. And, of course, to take squishy newborn pictures. DSC_8590 DSC_8604 DSC_8627 DSC_8657 DSC_8665 DSC_8668 DSC_8680 DSC_8690 DSC_8705 DSC_8707 DSC_8745

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