little man.

My little man is all grown up. In the blink of an eye he has turned into a big man. Not so big that he doesn’t still need his momma but big enough that he isn’t in the toddler clothes section anymore. That’s like really big to me. Sigh.

He is still such my little thinker with a mind like an engineer. This kid loves to learn. He just goes by it so naturally, picking up on the environment around him and learning from his surroundings. This past summer(yes, I am that behind) we put him in the nature science center camp and it’s one of the only nature based preschools in the states. He thrived. He was so challanged and interested and engaged. It was amazing to see his little mind working in a whole new way. It really made me question what type of learning environment will best suit him for kinder. That’s an ongoing conversation.

Currently, he is loving learning to count by 5’s, 10’s and 2’s. He is really good at all his prereading stuff and sounds out EVERYTHING he says. He can spell most if he just sounds it out. Le sigh. I should really just teach him how to read…

Aside from all that, he still loves digging, dirt and mighty machines. Tools are still at the top and now, he has a whole workstation outside in the garage devoted to all his tinkering and things that he builds. You know, builds with his hammer, screwdrivers, saw, drill…we are talking the real deal. Good thing he is trustworthy. Lets not forget about his love for legos and transformers, too. I hate legos, those damn pieces get everywhere. But, he will spend hours building so, I let them stick around!

On a rare treat, he let me take him out and get some pictures of just him this morning. Pretty handsome, don’t you think?!

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